All subscription fees advertised below are per single deployment of the product and are charged on a yearly basis. Prices do not include any national, state, local sales, use, value added or other taxes that may apply in your case. Purchases from European Union (“EU”) countries may be subject to value added tax, in accordance with European Council Directive 2002/38/EC regarding software VAT. EU based Customers are responsible for providing a valid VAT ID if applicable. Offline or PO based orders are available on demand.

Commercial license

One license allows you to operate one deployment of the product. Commercial licenses come in four sizes, depending on the total number of developers/committers in the team that is served by a deployment. The license term is 12 months, and unless cancelled, your subscription extends automatically with 12 month increments. Activation keys are delivered electronically upon purchase.


(up to 10 committers)

€ 29 / mo.


(up to 50 committers)

€ 79 / mo.


(up to 250 committers)

€ 149 / mo.


(>250 committers)


Evaluation license: FREE

This is a fully featured license to deploy and run the product for evaluation purposes, on a single designated machine, for a maximum period of 30 days. Activation keys are delivered to a valid e-mail address. During evaluation, the product is provided to you “as is”, without any warranties or obligation to provide support. You may only apply for a single evaluation cycle per major release of the product.

Community license: FREE

The community license is available exclusively to non-commercial open source software development projects that meet the definition set by the Open Source Initiative, have a dedicated website, and an active community. Applicants must provide contact information, as well as information about the project and the applicant’s role inside it. Community licenses must be renewed every three years.

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